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1966 Rowed English Rose III, 20-foot dory rowing boat. Rowed across North Atlantic with Chay Blyth, Cape Cod, USA – Aran Is. Eire.
1968 English Rose IV, 30-foot bilge-keel sloop. Attempt to become first to sail single-handed non-stop round the world in Golden Globe Race, ended in Brazil.
1970 First expedition furthest source to mouth of Amazon.
1972 First crossing Gran Campo Nevado Ice-cap, Patagonia, Southern Chile.
1973 English Rose V, 32-foot sloop. Winter family sailing voyage Ardmore – Madeira – Canary Is. - Spanish Sahara - Cape Verde – Azores – Ardmore.
1977/78 English Rose VI, 57-foot ketch. Skippered own boat in Whitbread Round World Race. Ardmore – Portsmouth – Cape Town – Auckland – Rio de Janeiro – Portsmouth – Ardmore.
1979 Himalayan journey in Nepal.
1983/4 With Andy Briggs, in English Rose VI, record 203-day non-stop sailing circumnavigation of World by way of Ardmore – South of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, South America – Ardmore.
1985/89/92 Peruvian expeditions.
1992 Kayaking with first woman to kayak round Cape Horn (daughter Rebecca).
1993/95 English Rose VI, 554-day Family sailing voyage Ardmore – Canary Is. –West Indies – Panama – Perlas Islands – Galapagos Is. – Marquesas Is. – Tuamotu Is. - Society Is. – Austral Is. - Gambier Is. – Pitcairn – Chile – Bolivia – Peru – Magellanic Channels, Patagonia – Chile – Argentina –Deception Island - Antarctica - South Georgia - Tristan Da Cunha - Brazil – Azores – Ardmore.
1996 China.
1999 English Rose VI sailed to West Greenland by way of Faero Is.& Iceland.
2000 English Rose VI sailed round Britain to celebrate Millenium.
2001 English Rose VI sailed Ardmore- Cape Cod, USA- Ardmore to celebrate 35th anniversary of 1966 North Atlantic rowing voyage.
2003/4 English Rose VI ‘Save the Albatross Round World Sailing Voyage’. Ardmore – Canary Is. – Cape Town – Kerguelen Is. – Melbourne – Wellington – Falkland Is. – Azores – France – London – Ardmore.





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